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Memorial Beads

A small amount of cremation ashes are added to a glass bead during the creation process. While the glass is in a molten state, a small amount of ashes are rolled into the glass and becomes part of the bead forever. Beads can then be used to create a piece of jewelry creating a wonderful memorial to a loved one who has passed. If you would like to have a memorial bead made. Please contact Stacy to discuss the custom order.



My lover boy, butterhead, Nanner. I called him many things. Full of energy ready for adventure on the trails. Always hoping there was water to swim in or ice to chew. He loved the blue of the water and the brown dirt under his paws. Running through the green bushes with a big smile on his face.

This glass bead offered a memorial to remember Sammy's life. I chose blue for the water, brown for the dirt and green for the leaves he loved to run through. It's a beautiful bead that encapsulates his true spirit.  I love it!

M. Malakie

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